MAIK REICHERT PHOTOGRAPHY  still and moving images

photography by maik reichertphotography by maik reichert

we were
privileged enough
to get in touch with the arts
and we experience continuously
that culture enriches our lives to
a larger degree than material wealth.
through questions produced by art and
answers that challenge these questions,
we experience a kind of beauty
that doesn't relate to
beautiful appearance.

on the contrary,
weakness, tragic stories or
repulsive images can be highly
exhilarating. because every experience
leading us closer to the core of things,
to the ultimate ground of being,
is beautiful.


maik reichert is a freelance photographer
and filmmaker based in berlin, germany

moving images of ever changing times –
his film works can be seen on maik's vimeo profile

maik is part of the berlin collective KUKUKK

© maik reichert

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